Friday, October 3, 2008

October Tunes

My class asked for some Halloween tunes. Here's some spooky music to get you ready for Halloween!

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Week of September 29th

Today we had a picnic. We invited our parents and family members. We got to eat outside! We could even eat on the playground! In Writing, we had a Celebration for our September stories. Ms. Kopta, Ms. Folan, Mrs Gorzynski, Mrs. Piltaver, and Ms. Phelan came in to hear us read part of our stories. We had cookies and juice too. People were able to share their favorite parts of their stories. In Math, we were talking about the ants that live in Antolpolis. We were working with square inch tiles to make runways and helipads. In Social Studies we are still learning about the 3 branches of government. Mrs. Cole had us watch the news about the Presidential Debate. In Science we finished the posters of the Phases of the Moon. We did an experiment about the brightness of stars. In Music we learned about chest voice and head voice. In P.E. we played a game that we had to cross the river to get from the volcano to the island. We had to use our equipment to get to the other side of the gym. In Art we had to finish our Hero Project Posters for the American Legion Contest. Today we changed seats for the first time. We now have new writing partners for October! In Chorus we learned a new song, called The Spirit of America. Check back again next week for new news!