Wednesday, June 3, 2009

End of the Year Survey

Well, students and blog readers, we have almost come to the end of our year long jounrey. Although this year was chopped in to two pieces due to Anthony's arrival, we have come a long way! We have discussed many ideas, worked on many projects, and dove deeper into technology that we ever have before in Room 101.

Champions, please complete the survey below based on your experiences as a Champion this year. Your name will not be on your answers, so please answer honestly. This will help me to be a better teacher in the future. Please answer in complete sentences. I would appreciate you being as detailed as possible, so no less than 3 sentences for each question, please. I value your opinion, so please grade me on how I did this year.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Riya's Glogster

Albi and Gerardo's Posts

Here's Gerardo's:

More Glogsters....

Here is Sahar's Glogster:

Karen A.'s Glogster

You will see that our next several posts are Glogster online posters that we have created to teach you what we learned about our town on our field trip last week. Thank you again to the Schiller Park Historical Society for taking us around town!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Kennedy Visits Washington!

Hi my name is Lukasz and I am going to type for room 101 today.Today Kennedy School has visited Washington School. We went to the gym. The chorus sang and the band played for the 4th and 5th graders. Then, each classroom got paired up with a different classroom.We went down to the Media Center first.In the Media Center we showed them the books that you can check out.Then we showed them the Art Room which is where we do all are artistic drawings and sculptures.After that we went to the Music Room to show them the keyboards.While we were giving the tour, we also showed them the Band Room in the basement.We showed them where they would play for recess. Next,we went to our room and we got something to eat and a juice to drink.We watched a Photo Story that Mrs. Cole's class made to show them all about Washington School and 4th grade. The third graders asked us some questions from the question box they created on a flip chart from the Promethean Board that we answered.Before they left, the third graders made a time capsule while Miss Gosche took their pictures. They will be sealed up until next spring when they are in our desks as 4th graders. Their teachers will give them their time capsule back so they can see what they looked like a year ago. We were able to see what we looked like last year from our time capsules. We cleaned up our snacks.The third graders had no time left so they had to leave.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tour Of Schiller Park

Hi World!

Today we were lucky enough to have the ladies from the Schiller Park Historical Society take us for FREE field trip around town. We took a tour of our town and learned A LOT about people from the past who were really important to Schiller Park. We learned about a mill, an old general store, what rules teachers had to follow back then, the Kolze family, Mr. Robinson, the importance of the railroad, and a little bit about a part of our town called Frogtown. Feel free to ask us some questions as a comment or ask us if you see us around. Right now we are busy creating online posters on to help you learn a little more about Schiller Park. Mrs. Choudhary will post them to our wiki next week when we are finished. Check it out at: or go through the link of the Student Link page of our classroom website:

We know that's long, so we usually just copy and paste it in!

Here are a few of us working on our projects!

Friday, May 22, 2009

It's Show Time

This week we performed our Readers' Theatre plays. We were broken up into 3 groups. One group performed What Shoes Do You Chose?, group two performed The Legend Of Slappy Hooper, and the last group performed The Hidden One. They were all written by Aaron Sheperd. We practiced all the lines and created scenery all week so we could perform for some 5th graders and Miss Mullarney. Dragomir liked how Emily who was playing Katie, threw her money at him and bought all the shoes. Paulina thinks all three plays were interesting. She likes how the pictures that Slappy Hooper created came to life.

Have any of you participated in Readers' Theatre? What play was it? What character were you? Have you ever seen a Readers' Theatre play before? Which story did you see? Finally, would you like to be in a Readers' Theatre performance? If yes, why?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Making Many Marvelous Memoirs

Hi, my name is Emily A. I am typing for our class 101 today. I hope you enjoy.

In writing, we have been working on our memoirs. A memoir a story from your life that is important to you. Memoirs are life stories that you have learned something from. For example, in Patricia Polacco's book Thunder Cake, the character got over her fear of thunder by making a cake with her grandma. She took steps to get the supplies for the thunder cakes. She didn't even notice the storm coming while she was getting all the supplies. She became brave.

So we would like to know. Have you learned a lesson from a time in your life? If so, what is it? What would your life's memoir be about? Please tell us your name and where you are from so we can see who and where our blog is reaching.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Epals in Dubai!

This week we finished up our MAP testing. We take this test every fall and spring to determine our growth in math, reading, and language arts. We continued our unit in poetry in Readers Workshop. We practiced writing quatrains, acrostic poems, and limericks. Check out our classroom website to find some neat websites that take you step by step through the process of writing several kinds of poems.
In Writers Workshop we have been weaving our internal and external stories together to create our memoir. In the afternoons we have been busy researching our exquisite experiments for science as well as working on money in math.

Our most exciting news as that we have new epals in Dubai! We emailed them early in the week and are anxiously waiting a reply. We are going to be learning about their culture as they learn about ours. Technology has made the world so small!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Multicultural Week

Two weeks ago was Multicultural Week here at Washington School. Each year, the students in our school celebrate our many cultures as well as the many cultures of the world. This year, we went to a Polish restaurant in Chicago, The Jolly Club for lunch. We had pierogis and blintzes filled with cheese and potatoes. We learned about manners and how to eat in a nice restaurant.

We also had a Multicultural Program. Many of our classmates performed in the various dances. Some of us participated in African American music, a Readers Theater production for Pakistan and India, or a Bulgarian dance. It was fun to see all of the other students participating in various other productions. We look forward to doing it again next year as 5th graders.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Our Field Trip Friday!

Today we went with the entire 4th grade to visit Graue Mill in Hinsdale. Did you know that Graue Mill was an actual stop on the Underground Railroad? We learned that was a big reason as to why Mr. Graue did not keep good and accurate records. He did not want to get caught. The basement of his mill was the hiding place for the slaves. We saw the water powered mills, how to grind corn, a spinster working on a loom, and what a house might have looked like back in the late 1850's. Before our tour of the mill, we had lunch in the woods and then walked the trail. We had a great day. We are thankful to Mrs. Gorzynski for putting together a fabulous Photostory video that we watched yesterday in Reading Room to prepare for our trip today. Thank you also to Mrs. Gorzynski and Mrs. Piltaver for doing our post field trip activity this afternoon before we went home.

Happy Mothers Day to all of my Champion Moms!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Solar Week!

We have worked a lot with solar energy this week. We created projects that taught us about the different types of energy. We had a choice board and were able to choose which one we wanted to create. We also built solar cars. The teachers gave us the pieces and we had to build the car at home over spring break. We were able to decorate our cars any way we wanted. We are going to race our cars next Friday at 12:30.
In music, we started using Ipod touches today. We listened to "I Feel Good" by James Brown and were able to watch the music video at the same time. Then we had to write about the meter, the mood, and the instruments used in the song. In Science we created circuits with the Switch On! kits and watched a brain pop about wind and solar energy.
After school, we are working on our different performances for the Multicultural Program. 7 of our classmates are in the performance. Some of them are doing an African American story of music, others are doing the Bulgarian dance, some are even doing a Mexican dance, and others are performing a Readers Theatre piece.April 30th is our performance.
In art, we are making sculptures and finishing optical illusions.
Those of us in Chorus performed in the Music Man back in February when Mrs. Choudhary was still at home with Anthony. It was a huge success. Now we are working on more songs for our Spring Concert. Yesterday, was the performance.
In technology we worked on two websites. We tried to create comics with, but the website was down. Since we had issues with Toondoo, we moved on and created avatars with We were able to make our own characters using clothes, bling, backgrounds, and even glasses. We were able to make our vokis talk too. It was interesting to see our characters.
Check back next week for our next update. We are excited to begin working with Mrs. Hake's 4th grade class in Missouri with google maps. We will post on our experiences. :) Have a nice weekend!