Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tour Of Schiller Park

Hi World!

Today we were lucky enough to have the ladies from the Schiller Park Historical Society take us for FREE field trip around town. We took a tour of our town and learned A LOT about people from the past who were really important to Schiller Park. We learned about a mill, an old general store, what rules teachers had to follow back then, the Kolze family, Mr. Robinson, the importance of the railroad, and a little bit about a part of our town called Frogtown. Feel free to ask us some questions as a comment or ask us if you see us around. Right now we are busy creating online posters on to help you learn a little more about Schiller Park. Mrs. Choudhary will post them to our wiki next week when we are finished. Check it out at: or go through the link of the Student Link page of our classroom website:

We know that's long, so we usually just copy and paste it in!

Here are a few of us working on our projects!

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