Friday, May 8, 2009

Our Field Trip Friday!

Today we went with the entire 4th grade to visit Graue Mill in Hinsdale. Did you know that Graue Mill was an actual stop on the Underground Railroad? We learned that was a big reason as to why Mr. Graue did not keep good and accurate records. He did not want to get caught. The basement of his mill was the hiding place for the slaves. We saw the water powered mills, how to grind corn, a spinster working on a loom, and what a house might have looked like back in the late 1850's. Before our tour of the mill, we had lunch in the woods and then walked the trail. We had a great day. We are thankful to Mrs. Gorzynski for putting together a fabulous Photostory video that we watched yesterday in Reading Room to prepare for our trip today. Thank you also to Mrs. Gorzynski and Mrs. Piltaver for doing our post field trip activity this afternoon before we went home.

Happy Mothers Day to all of my Champion Moms!!

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Mrs. Albandia said...

I am so glad you had a good time!