Friday, May 22, 2009

It's Show Time

This week we performed our Readers' Theatre plays. We were broken up into 3 groups. One group performed What Shoes Do You Chose?, group two performed The Legend Of Slappy Hooper, and the last group performed The Hidden One. They were all written by Aaron Sheperd. We practiced all the lines and created scenery all week so we could perform for some 5th graders and Miss Mullarney. Dragomir liked how Emily who was playing Katie, threw her money at him and bought all the shoes. Paulina thinks all three plays were interesting. She likes how the pictures that Slappy Hooper created came to life.

Have any of you participated in Readers' Theatre? What play was it? What character were you? Have you ever seen a Readers' Theatre play before? Which story did you see? Finally, would you like to be in a Readers' Theatre performance? If yes, why?

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PNaugle said...

Hello Champions of Room 101. I teach fourth grade in New Orleans, Louisiana.

We did a Readers' Theatre of Charlotte's Web after we finished reading the book. Unfortunately, our last day for school is tomorrow so we won't be able to blog with you.

I hope you all have a great end of the year and a wonderful summer.