Wednesday, June 3, 2009

End of the Year Survey

Well, students and blog readers, we have almost come to the end of our year long jounrey. Although this year was chopped in to two pieces due to Anthony's arrival, we have come a long way! We have discussed many ideas, worked on many projects, and dove deeper into technology that we ever have before in Room 101.

Champions, please complete the survey below based on your experiences as a Champion this year. Your name will not be on your answers, so please answer honestly. This will help me to be a better teacher in the future. Please answer in complete sentences. I would appreciate you being as detailed as possible, so no less than 3 sentences for each question, please. I value your opinion, so please grade me on how I did this year.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Riya's Glogster

Albi and Gerardo's Posts

Here's Gerardo's:

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Here is Sahar's Glogster:

Karen A.'s Glogster

You will see that our next several posts are Glogster online posters that we have created to teach you what we learned about our town on our field trip last week. Thank you again to the Schiller Park Historical Society for taking us around town!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Kennedy Visits Washington!

Hi my name is Lukasz and I am going to type for room 101 today.Today Kennedy School has visited Washington School. We went to the gym. The chorus sang and the band played for the 4th and 5th graders. Then, each classroom got paired up with a different classroom.We went down to the Media Center first.In the Media Center we showed them the books that you can check out.Then we showed them the Art Room which is where we do all are artistic drawings and sculptures.After that we went to the Music Room to show them the keyboards.While we were giving the tour, we also showed them the Band Room in the basement.We showed them where they would play for recess. Next,we went to our room and we got something to eat and a juice to drink.We watched a Photo Story that Mrs. Cole's class made to show them all about Washington School and 4th grade. The third graders asked us some questions from the question box they created on a flip chart from the Promethean Board that we answered.Before they left, the third graders made a time capsule while Miss Gosche took their pictures. They will be sealed up until next spring when they are in our desks as 4th graders. Their teachers will give them their time capsule back so they can see what they looked like a year ago. We were able to see what we looked like last year from our time capsules. We cleaned up our snacks.The third graders had no time left so they had to leave.