Friday, April 17, 2009

Solar Week!

We have worked a lot with solar energy this week. We created projects that taught us about the different types of energy. We had a choice board and were able to choose which one we wanted to create. We also built solar cars. The teachers gave us the pieces and we had to build the car at home over spring break. We were able to decorate our cars any way we wanted. We are going to race our cars next Friday at 12:30.
In music, we started using Ipod touches today. We listened to "I Feel Good" by James Brown and were able to watch the music video at the same time. Then we had to write about the meter, the mood, and the instruments used in the song. In Science we created circuits with the Switch On! kits and watched a brain pop about wind and solar energy.
After school, we are working on our different performances for the Multicultural Program. 7 of our classmates are in the performance. Some of them are doing an African American story of music, others are doing the Bulgarian dance, some are even doing a Mexican dance, and others are performing a Readers Theatre piece.April 30th is our performance.
In art, we are making sculptures and finishing optical illusions.
Those of us in Chorus performed in the Music Man back in February when Mrs. Choudhary was still at home with Anthony. It was a huge success. Now we are working on more songs for our Spring Concert. Yesterday, was the performance.
In technology we worked on two websites. We tried to create comics with, but the website was down. Since we had issues with Toondoo, we moved on and created avatars with We were able to make our own characters using clothes, bling, backgrounds, and even glasses. We were able to make our vokis talk too. It was interesting to see our characters.
Check back next week for our next update. We are excited to begin working with Mrs. Hake's 4th grade class in Missouri with google maps. We will post on our experiences. :) Have a nice weekend!

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