Friday, November 14, 2008

The Week of November 10th

On Tuesday, we celebrated Veterans' Day. We were celebrating all of the Veterans who help keep the United States free and safe. The Chorus of Washington School sang in the gym for a special assembly. Many important people, including some veterans from Schiller Park came to our assembly.

Last night was Sports Night. We played badminton and had a fitness challenge. We had pretzels and graham crackers for a snack because we played so hard.

Some people received a Frank and Iggy Bronze brick for earning 50 points on their AR quizzes, and were able to read with Ms. Kopta's dogs today, Frank and Iggy. Our first two earners of Bronze Frank and Iggy bricks were Riya and Albi! Congratulations to them both and we hope to have more students reading with the pups soon!

In Science, we are writing about different animals. We are reporting on an animal's group, habitat, if they are an invertebrate or vertebrate, 6 or more interesting facts, and all of their adaptations. We were able to choose our own animal to reserach and then study about it. We are now choosing our own project to create about that animal.

In P.E. class, we are learning how to play basketball. We were shooting and dribbling the ball around the cones in stations. In Art, we were using water colors to paint pictures of whatever we want. In Music, we are learning how to play the keyboards. Gerardo tells us that he is learning how to play Batter Up on the keyboard. He thinks it's easy! :)

In Reading, we played on Study Island today. We were working on drawing inferences with the text. We can play different games while we answer questions such as Sling Shot, Bowling, and Ski Lift. If you check out our website, you can link to Study Island.'ll need a password and a username to get in!

In Writing, we started doing essays on what we observe and what we realize. We wrote a whole class on essay how raising our hands in school gives everyone a fair chance. We also wrote an essay on the story, Teammates by Tiki and Ronde Barber. We learned to stretch our thinking by using sentences that start with "For example...", "I realize...", "Many people think...but I think", and "This is important because".

In Math, we are learning about factors, primes, square numbers, and multiples. We are using square inch tiles to help us see this clearly. Yesterday we learned how to make prime factorization trees to find the the prime factors of a number. We are also continuing our multiplcation time tests! Some people are really studying hard for those!!

In Social Studies, we are watching a video about what happened during the Boston Massacre. We learned that a gun accidently went off and killed someone. This led to the French and Indian War. The colonists needed to be taxed on the tea, paper, and ink. They taxed them on these things so they could pay for the war. The colonists were dressed like American Indians during the Boston Tea Party and dumped all of the tea into the sea.

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