Saturday, November 29, 2008

Week of November 24th

This week was very short. We only had school for a full day on Monday and then a half a day on Tuesday because of Parent/Teacher Conferences. Both days we worked on some researching of the first Thanksgiving. We performed a Reader's Theatre play and really enjoyed that. Tuesday, some representatives from the American Cancer Society came to talk to us about the dangers of smoking. We also started our reserach on our Winter Celebration, Bodhi Day. Each classroom at Washington School is given a Winter Holiday to research and create a display for the rest of the school. Our celebration will be December 18th. Members of the Schiller Park community are welcome to come out and see what we have learned. Bodhi Day is a Buddhist holiday in which the Buddhists celebrate Buddha's enlightenment. We started to think about how we want to present this information to the school and what we want to create. It will be a fun project to work on in December.
Ms. Olszewski will be our new teacher from now until April as Mrs. Choudhary is ready to start her maternity leave. We will still keep you updated with what's happening in our classroom. :) Happy Thanksgiving!!

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