Friday, September 5, 2008

Pictures of our Classroom

This is Mrs. Choudhary's desk. You will hardly ever find her there during the day, but you'll find her there before or after school! :)

This is our Guided Reading Table. A different group comes to read everyday together with Mrs. Choudhary during Readers' Workshop.

This is the Star of the Week board and our supply area. Each week Mrs. Choudhary picks a Star and that person posts pictures and fills out a All About Me sheet. That person is the messenger, lunch helper, and overall classroom helper for the week. On Friday, the Star shares his/her information and pictures and then the rest of the class gets to ask questions to learn more about him/her.
We share all of our supplies in Room 101. So, they go in tubs and when we need something, we just ask and take a tub to our table.

Here are our mailboxes and our Class Norms board. Each day we check our mail for important letters to go home.

This is our computer area. Our school has a mobile computer lab with laptops on it which we use when we all are working on a lesson. However, these computers are in the back of our room for AR tests, or spontaneous work.

This is our brand new Promethean Board. He looks sort of like a robot! We use him every single day. No more writing on the blackboard/chalkboard/or white dry erase board. This guy hooks up to the laptop and is completely interactive. We'll post some pictures later of us using it.

This is our carpet area from a different angle. On the shelf are our supplies for indoor recess. Also on the windows are our Math Charts to help us with important ideas in math.

This is our carpet area and our classroom library. We have Readers' and Writers' Workshop here. When we have silent reading time, some of us are allowed to sit on the carpet and read too.

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