Friday, September 5, 2008

Week of September 1, 2008

This week in Writers' Workshop, we learned the difference between a watermelon story and a seed story. A watermelon story is for example, about a whole day. A seed story is a small moment in that day that you liked the most. In Music class we learned about steady beats. We also learned that a long time ago people used tape players and cds to listen to music. In Math we made bar graphs to learn more about our classmates. We learned about variables and values too. In PE, we are learning about disc golf. We are just starting to learn about it, and hope to play today! In Art we are drawing pictures that we see in our brains on paper with oil pastels. In Science we learned about the four layers of the Earth's atmosphere. The closest layer to the Earth is called the troposhere. Then comes the stratosphere, the mesosphere, and finally the thermosphere. In Social Studies we learned about the 13 colonies and how the Revolutionary War started. In Reading we read the book Peppe the Lamplighter while worked on making predictions and studying character traits of people in the story. In technology we are learning how to use our laptops at Washington School. Stay tuned for next week's update! Adios!

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