Friday, September 26, 2008

Week of September 22nd

This week we saw a movie about 3 branches of government in Social Studies. One branch is for the President. That is called the Executive Branch. Then the Legislative Branch makes the laws. The Supreme Court makes up the Judicial Branch. In Science, we learned about the 9 phases of the moon. One of the phases is full moon. That's when you see the whole side of the moon that is facing the sun. The next phase is the waning gibbous. The moon in this phase sort of looks like a cookie in which someone took a bite out of it!! :) In Reading we are learning about synonyms. Synonyms are words that mean the same thing, for example big and huge. In Math, we used square inch cubes make a runway for planes. We determined the length and the width of the runways. This was part of our learning about perimeter. In Writing we made timelines of our stories. In Chorus, some of us learned the Star Spangled Banner and the Spirit of America. In Art, we were drawing one of our favorite heroes and writing why they are special to us. In PE, we took more fitness tests. In Music we sang a song that helps us remember do, re, me, fa, so.... etc. Some people are running to be elected for Student Council in our classroom for representatives. We are voting this afternoon for our Student Council officers and representatives. We'll tell you more next week! Adios!

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