Friday, September 12, 2008

Week of September 8th

In Science we learned how the Earth rotates around the Sun and the moon rotates around the Earth. We watched the video on the Solar System that is posted on our blog and we modeled this using our own bodies! One person would be the moon, one would be the sun, and one would be the Earth. Then they rotated around each other! In Technology, we used little egg timers with our Promethean Board. We answered questions about categorical and numerical variables. In Math we learned how to find the median. Some of the medians we found were how many phones we have in our house, how many video games we have, how many brothers and sisters we have, and how many pets we have. In Reading, we read The Lily Cupboard. We worked on questioning. We created questions before, during, and after reading the story to comprhend better. Yesterday we started working on theme. We will continue working on this next week. In Social Studies we are making posters about the Colonial Times. We also made a diagram comparing life in the Colonial Times to life today in America. In Writing we worked on creating really interesting leads to our stories. If the lead is really good, then the reader will want to continue to read our stories! We read the lead to Jose's story out loud. It was so fabulous that everyone wanted him to read more!! We also had an assembly about Student Council. There will be an election and the whole school will be voting!

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